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Notable Press for The Queen by Henry Ward

Painted secretly in Canada, Queen's new official portrait is unveiled

by Victor Swoboda of The Montreal Gazette

From the imperial rooms of Windsor Castle to a covert studio in Burlington, Ont., a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth quietly took shape over the past year. The Queen herself was scheduled to unveil the official six-feet-by-eight-feet portrait by British-Canadian artist Henry Ward at a private ceremony at the castle on Friday. The portrait shows the monarch draped in flowing blue ceremonial robes.


“She’s such an unbelievably warm person, but she has a strength in her bearing and she’s got an incredibly sharp mind,” Ward, 44, said from his home in Burlington this week, a few hours before leaving for the Windsor Castle event. “I wanted a strong queen in my portrait, a queen of warmth but also of reserve.”


Ward is represented by Montreal’s Landau Fine Art, which runs Galerie Dominion on Sherbrooke St. A few of his paintings will be on display at the gallery in November, and he is preparing a large show there next year.


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Queen Elizabeth II, 2016, a portrait by Henry Ward

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