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Cancel gr.jpg

b. 1941

Landau Contemporary at Galerie Dominion is host to a selection of works by Manuel Cancel which comprises his first solo exhibition in Canada. The acrylic-on-canvas works portray Argentina’s windswept pampas. Employing a vibrant palette of green, gold, and russet, the artist meticulously renders expansive grasslands that swell and collapse like ocean waves. The landscapes are familiar yet dreamlike, revealing their roots in magic realism. Ethereal and haunting, they attempt to portray the drama and solitude of the human response to nature. By injecting these works with a sense of melancholy and yearning, Cancel makes them both memorable and familiar.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1951, he received a BFA in Architecture and Stage Design at the University of Buenos Aires. He has been living and working in Paris since 1981. Cancel’s works have been acquired by several major Argentina collections including the Amalia Lacroze de Fortaba and Centro Cultural Recoleta collections. In addition, many of his paintings have been purchased by private collectors around the world.

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