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TO THE SILENCE OF TIRESIAS, Oil on canvas, 160.7 x 145.4 cm.​, 2016

Since Clive Head’s partnership with Landau Fine Art, the artist’s paintings have shifted from urban realism, for which he was known previously, to a contemplative look at the metamorphic activity of painting.  As the Artist notes in reference to the above painting:


“The totality cannot be a mirror that returns us to the normality of our world. The notion of being a window to somewhere else is overused, and too escapist in its perspectival dimensions to take us away. A mirror is more confrontational but it is one that continually rearranges the elements to reveal new forms, like the blind Tiresias predicting the future by gazing at the changing forms of smoke from a fire.”


Landau Fine Art is proud to exhibit these news works, a special presentation of which will be on display at FIAC in Paris from October 20th – 23rd as well as on exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach in December.


VIDEO:  Clive Head, in his studio, discusses with his daughter, Rachel, the methodology of painting “To the Silence of Tiresias” as well as the use of colour and the ideas that inform this impressive new work.


Video credit: Oliver Payne

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