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The Artist's most recent works, the "Gamusinos" series is inspired by Spanish ancestral tradition. A Gamusino is an imaginary animal in a children’s game played at night. The goal is to chase or hunt the Gamusinos, but the children must ask what these creatures look like. The person in charge of the game so inspires the imagination of these children that they soar until they see Gamusinos in the trees, the stones or the brushes. Using this series as his own game, Guzpeña tries to give shape to these imaginary beings, inhabitants of made-up worlds.

Landau Contemporary is proud to present new works by this dynamic and talented artist, currently on exhibition at the gallery. 



Enrique Rodríguez García, known by the pseudonym Guzpeña, was born in 1964 in Prado de la Guzpeña, a small village located in the province of León. In 1982, Guzpeña began a five-year study that specialized in Plastic Arts at the Fine Arts Faculty in the Basque Region of Spain. By 1987, he was teaching Plastic Arts and Visual Education at the Institute of Secondary Education of Cisterna-León where he continues to teach today.

After his marriage and the birth of his two children in the early 1990s, Guzpeña relocated to Almanza, close to his native village, where he found the quiet atmosphere necessary for inspiration and creation and where he established his atelier.

The artist does not remember when he first started to paint but noted that he has persisted steadily since his first exhibition in 1976 when he was but 12 years old. Since then, he has diligently exhibited in numerous museums, cultural centres and galleries around Spain. He has held more than thirty solo exhibitions, over one hundred group exhibits, and has been distinguished by a variety of awards. 

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