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Yves Zurstrassen currently lives and works in his birthplace of Brussels. Since 1993 numerous galleries have presented his work at international art fairs such as ART Basel, ART Brussels, ARCO Madrid, and FIAC Paris, however his first North American show was in Montreal at Galerie Dominion.


Eschewing the implementation of concrete images, Zurstrassen maintains the concern of painting as a manifestation through the history of art itself. In the early 1980s, Zurstrassen began examining the work of his artistic precedents and colleagues. His investigation of the painting process came through the scrutiny of Tachism or Abstract Expressionism as found in the work of Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Hans Hofmann.


By 2002, he gradually introduced pure colour into his work, further employing collaged elements by cutting up his paintings and inserting portions of them into new compositions. His preoccupation with spatial depth and movement has resulted in the employment of the ‘décollage’ technique, which is the process of applying cut-out elements and treating them as stencils. After painting over the cut-out shapes, they are carefully removed, thereby building multiple textured layers which create an optical pulsation across the canvas. Zurstrassen’s paintings on display at Galerie Dominion represent a selection of his most recent work. These pieces enliven the gallery space through vibrant colour and erratic forms, infusing the atmosphere with what art authorities have labeled a ‘new abstraction’.


As well as having had numerous solo and group exhibitions over the years, Zurstrassen has participated in a public exhibition at the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain Liège. Zurstrassen has been a major presence in the international market, and is represented by galleries in Paris and Madrid, among others.



2017 Galerie Xippas, Geneva, Switzerland

2012 Free, Galerie Triangle Bleu, Stavelot, Belgium

2012 Approche aux Constellations, Gr. Ex., Atelier 340 Muzeum, Belgium

2012 Beginnings, Galerie Eric Linard, La-Garde Adhemar, France

2011 Espacio de Arte Antonio Perez, Guadalajara, Spain

2011 Carreras Mugica, Bilbao, Spain

2011 Fundacion Antonio Perez, San Clemente, Spain

2011 Fundacion Antonio Perez, Cuenca, Spain

2009 Grid Paintings, IKOB, Eupen, Belgium

2009 A Beautiful Day, Metro Gare de l’Ouest, Brussels

2008 Aboa Vetus Ars Nova, Turku Finland

2008 The IKOB Collection, Museum van Bommel van Darn, Venlo, Netherlands

2007 Art Basel Miami Beach, Landau Fine Art

2007 Landau Contemporary at Galerie Dominion, Montreal

2007 Art Basel Switzerland, Landau Fine Art

2007 Art Chicago, Landau Fine Art

2007 TEFAF Maastricht, Holland, Landau Fine Art

2006 Art Basel Miami Beach, Landau Fine Art

2006 Landau Contemporary at Galerie Dominion, Montreal

2006 FIAC, Paris, Landau Fine Art

2006 Biennale des Antiquaires, Paris, Landau Fine Art

2006 Art Basel Switzerland, Landau Fine Art

2006 TEFAF Maastricht, Holland, Landau Fine Art


Group Exhibitions

2012 The Vicinity of Consetllations, BWA, Katowice