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F R É   I L G E N   BIO

b. 1956

Through a combination of geometry and gesture, the Dutch born Ilgen in both his sculptures and paintings, has pursued his own idiosyncratic path. While his sculptures retain playful lines and forms, the ribbon-like bands of stainless steel and saturated colour unravel the openness and complex simulations of movement.


For Ilgen, inspiration comes from all that is within our realm. “Physics teaches us that in reality everything around us consists of the interactions of streaming, swirling fields of energy. Just like the wind, these fields behave in complex and unpredictable ways, insuring that all the phenomena around us are different.”


Ilgen has long been interested in the role that nature plays in art. He believes the development in art, science and philosophy to be more closely linked and related than is generally assumed. He understands the meaning of art to go well beyond a means of decoration, a fashionable commodity, or even to merely exemplify a culture within a certain time frame. While not denying these important features, Ilgen describes the universal desire for art – both the desire to create art and the desire to enjoy and appreciate art – to be a natural result of being human.


Ilgen continuously works in the studio on his artistic development while he is also often working on commissioned site-specific artworks. These range from particular projects for private houses, to monumental scale projects for corporate buildings and public spaces.


Since May 2012, new works on paper, canvas and new sculptures have emerged from the Ilgen studio, titled; "Battlefields of Eros and Thanatos".He travels and exhibits widely and regularly in Europe, the USA, and Asia.


Selected Group & Solo Exhibitions

2012 Virtual solo exhibition on web-site Seeko'o Hotel + Radio, Bordeaux, France: Seeko’o-Hotel

2012 Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2009 Fré Ilgen, 'Soaring Calm and Free'; Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1999 ‘Traits d’Union’, Forum-Expo, Bonlieu, Annecy, France

1999 ‘Summer Group Exhibiton’, Maxwell Davidson Gallery, New York, USA

1999 ‘Science Reflected in the Arts – Arts in the Sciences’, Barcsay Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

1999 ‘Arte Constuctive na Europa de 1950 a 1998’, Centro Dragao do Mar de Arte e Cultrua, Fortaleza, Brazil

1998 The Annual Artshow, The Armory, New York, NY, USA (Maxwell Davidson Gallery, New York, NY, USA)

1998 Galerie Claude Dorval, Paris, France

1998 Gallery of the Future, Loughborough University, Loughborough, England

1996 ‘Order-Fluctuations: Michael Bette, Fré Ilgen, Jean-Pierre Maury’, Galerie Emile Verhaeren, Knokke, Belgium

1996 ‘Creativity and Cognition 1996’, James France Exhibiton Hall, Loughborough Univeristy, Loughborough, England

1995 ‘PRO-Posterexperiment’, Old Town Alexandria, Washington D.C., USA

1994 ‘Petits Formats’, Galerie St. Charles de Rose, Paris, France1990 ‘1000 cm³ - geometrical miniatures’, Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany

1990 ‘Edition Heads & Legs’, Sala Previa, Madrid, Spain1990 ‘Universal Progression’, part ot ‘Avantgarde ‘90’, Manege Moscow, USSR

1989 Art Basel, Switzerland (Galerie Von Bartha, Basel, Switzerland)

1989 ‘Null-Dimension’, Hipp-Halle, Gmunden, Austria

1985 International Kunstbiennale ‘Seetal’, Meisterschwanden, Switzerland