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L L U I S   C A D A F A L C H   BIO

b. 1968

Lluís Cadafalch Pladevall began his career in the graphic arts, studying both graphic design and illustration at the prestigious Escuel Illa in Sabadell as well as the Escuela Massan in Barcelona. Since 1992, Cadafalch has worked as a professional illustrator for a variety of books and press and has won a number of prominent awards for his unique and lively poster designs.

More recently, he has turned his attention to collage and mixed media works and is seen by many as one of the leading emerging artists in the Catalonian region. Working in a range of mediums including cardboard, paint and wood, Cadafalch’s mixed media collages call to mind the colourful cities of his native soil.

In 2001, Cadafalch established himself as one of the founders of the Centro de Arte “Refugi”, an established artist collective in Barcelona. He has since participated in several important group exhibitions in Catalonia and abroad including the prominent international art fair, Art Chicago in April 2008.


Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions

2008 Art Chicago, Landau Fine Art

2006 Collective "L´illa d´Art" at the center L´illa Diagonal, Barcelona

2005 Collective "Hipermerc´Art" at the Sala Vincon, Barcelona

2004 Collective "el Saló" Sala Montfalcón in Barcelona

2004 "Mas o menos Brossa" illustrations on Joan Brosa for the APIC

2004 Travelling exhibiton at the Salas de la Fundación Caja, Sabadell

2004 Collective "Hipermerc´Art" at the Sala Vincon, Barcelona

2003Collective "Pro Marquet de l´era" Sant Llorenc Savall, Barcelona

2002 “Dexeu-me dir" illustrator of poems by Miquel Martí for the

2002 APIC (Asociación profesional de ilustradores de Catalunya)

2002 Travelling exhibition at the Salas de la Fundación Caja, Sabadell

2002 Collective “Refugi d’art” for the Centro de Arte "Refugi”, Barcelona

2000 Collective "Graella d´Art", Sant Llorenç Savall2002 Prize for the poster of the Salón del Libro Infantil y Juvenil, Nacional

1996 Prize for the poster of the Fiestas de Grácia, Barcelona

1994 Prize for the poster of the Fiesta Mayor, Sant Llorenç Savall

1993Collective "El Arte dice no al terrorismo", Barcelona